Created Aug 25, 2008


Josef began following the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care with associated psychological counseling at the age of 17 for gender dysphoria. After two years of counseling he began the "real life test" assisted by estrogen therapy at age 19. Seven years after following the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care he had Genital Reassignment Surgery to make him appear female in all anatomical and functional respects. Of the surgery Josef says, "You can't count on too many things in this world to be too perfect, but I feel my surgical result was quite good considering I have 8 inches of depth and I retrained full orgasmic and ejaculatory function."

While very successful in all respects living as female, Josef found he was not truly happy living as the female, "Judy". After 20 years of living as female, Josef set out to do the unthinkable, reverse his sexchange to return to living as male. Today, Josef appears to be a very masculine bodybuilder type of guy and you would never suspect that below the belt he carries a secret. Josef has returned to living as male, exchanging the estrogen regimine for testosterone shots. He stopped carrying purses and now he's carrrying around iron in the gym. While on the the Dr. Keith Ablow Talkshow he was asked, "Do you have any plans for any type of male genital restoration, or phalloplasty?" Josef replied, "No way! What I got down there works just fine! Why fix something that isn't broke? I'm very happy being a macho man with a vagina." Being a big, tall, bodybuilder with a sexchange vagina, might be very different, but Josef says he gets more dating offers now than he ever got as female.

After living as female for over 20 years many now compare this experience and transition as that of a female to male transsexual who identifies as gay. Of that Josef says, "I may have not been born female, but living 20 some years counts for something. Like transmen I have delt with many of the same issues transitioning from female to male with the effects of testosterone on my body. I never had facial or body hair before. Testosterone turned me into a gorilla and I like it! The only thing I don't like is the scars from the bilateral mastectomy (breast tissue removal) to create a male appearing chest."

After several television talk shows including Maury Povich, Dr. Keith Ablow, Entertainment Tonight, and doing the Tom Murray documentary, Almost Myself, Josef began receiving contacts from all over the world from thousands of men who had always wished they could remain masculine males, yet functional sexually as a female gets to. Josef has a Internet based support group that is linked up with surgeons who are willing to do what is called "Penile Inversion Surgery" for males to give them a vagina. Josef says, "Masculine men seeking vagina-plasty is not an odd request. There are thousands of female to male transsexuals, while appearing masculine in all respects desire to retain their birth genitalia and live as men with vaginas. A fair percentage of female to male transsexuals identify as gay, meaning they are sexually attracted to males. The Harry Benjamin Standards of Care need to be ammended to include males who wish to remain male in appearance, but have penile inversion surgery to create a male vagina."

Josef currently is pursuing a doctorate in Psychology in California with plans for a teaching career. Josef is involved in all aspects of supporting the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersexed community. Josef says, "While I am what some would want to label as a regretter or a detransitioner, I do not see things that way. In this new chapter of my life I have simily chosen a road less traveled to personal happiness and I feel fortunate to have been able to say I've looked at life from both sides now. I know which side I prefer and it just so happens to be a blending of the best of both worlds." Josef is a member of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.